Rikki Cassar is the owner of Thames & Country, and also the person with the vision behind the brand.

He has been involved in property for 25+ years, working in the UK, Dubai, and Malta. This has given him the opportunity to understand and work with customers from all walks of life, with vastly differentiating budgets and motivations.

Working with past buyers, sellers, and tenants has provided him with a greater understanding of the diversity that is needed and has taught him to work with different processes when dealing with a multitude of cultures. Which is why we are bespoke in everything we do.

Through personal property investments, building a strong rental portfolio, and working in an estate agency over the years, Rikki has vast knowledge, having been on both sides of the fence as a buyer or seller and as an agent. He has also had the opportunity to learn from a variety of experiences - both great and not-so-great. It's in those moments of disappointment that Rikki truly came to understand the importance of providing exceptional service and consistency to clients.

As someone who's always had a passion for property, finance, investing, and people, forming Thames & Country was naturally the next step.

Office Contact Details

Thames & Country Marlow International, Parkway Marlow SL71YL