Now you’re considering selling its vital take in all aspects of the process. This may not be your first time selling, but lots have changed in recent years. We want to help make sure your next selling experience is a pleasant one.

Please see our guide to how we believe you can make some good informed decisions prior to selling.

Should you sell before you buy?

If your next property is reliant on selling, then we would always advise 100% yes. You should market and sell your property; so that you're in a much stronger position to view properties and make a genuine offer, once you have a firm offer on your own property.

Also some sellers will only allow viewings if a buyer is proceedable. You should always be transparent to the buyer, this will remove pressure on you.


  • Make sure any possible buyers understand your position, that you will not complete until you have secured a property.
  • Make sure your buyer has time for you to find something, set realistic time parameters so everyone is happy with the situation.
  • When considering the offer or making a decision on a potential buyer. If they are a mortgage buyer, they should already have AIP (Agreement in Principle) in place and know the expiration date. A good agent would have this information as standard.

Choosing your agent

Make sure your agent is right for you, it’s always far too easy to choose someone that’s giving you the highest price on valuation, the lowest commissions or both.

Selling your property is a significant commitment for both you and your agent, so it is essential to trust their ability to not only sell your property but also ensure a smooth process until the end. It is crucial to have confidence in your agent's ability to advance your sale and effectively communicate with all parties involved in the transaction. Merely selling a property is not enough, your agent should proactively keep you informed about all communications, whether they bring good or bad news. Proactive communication can make the difference between a successful or failed sale.

The property value

Does overvaluing a property have a negative effect?

In our opinion yes, overvaluing a property can have the following results.

  • Potentially reduce your captive audience
  • Your property will most likely remain on the market longer than you wanted
  • You may have to reduce the price to bring in more interest, which can have a negative impact on your overall negotiating power.
  • You may lose opportunities on your own purchase if it takes longer than expected to sell.

We would always advise against pricing too high for these reasons alone.

A more accurate and realistic pricing approach can have the following advantages.

  • Your property will be more attractive to a much bigger audience
  • Potentially having to choose between multiple offers, this may be higher than the asking price or simply someone in a more favourable position.
  • Reduced time it’s on the market
  • Less stress over all, allowing you to move forward.

Attracting the right audience

First impressions count, and are vital in capturing buyers' attention and igniting their interest.

That's why we go above and beyond to present your home in its best light. We use a combination of professional photography, accurate floor plans, captivating videos, and immersive 360 property tours, creating a visual narrative that captivates and inspires.

Experience our visually enticing approach that can make the difference when showcasing your property to potential buyers. We will of course cultivate an overview and impressive description, along with every room and outside space having its own description with bullet points for the most important and interesting features.

Fees & cost of selling

Should you always go for the lowest fee when selling your property?

In our opinion, the cheapest price is not always the best choice, as there might be unforeseen costs associated with it. Just because someone offers a better price doesn't guarantee value for money. Based on experience, agencies focused on price tend to prioritise closing deals rather than working towards your specific goals.

This means that if they charge a lower fee, they might not have much to lose if they push you to accept a lower selling price.

Estate agency fees and costs encompass more than just pretty marketing and glossy brochures, they are indicative of your agents' commitment, hard work, and willingness to go the extra mile and beyond.

In our experience, you generally get what you pay for, and with us, that holds true in the most positive way. After valuation discussions, we will agree on a realistic asking price that is achievable, and sometimes even exceed expectations. If negotiations require a price reduction of more than 5% to close the deal, we will reduce our fee by half. This fee structure reflects our motivation to work in your best interest and demonstrates our commitment to achieving the very best results.

While we may not be the cheapest option, we assure you that we will work diligently, and provide our customers with 100% commitment to achieving the optimal outcome. This approach ensures that our sellers and our goals of achieving the asking price are fully aligned.

A few extras we offer that might be worth knowing, especially if you've ever tried to book a viewing or make inquiries on a property.

We don't believe in limiting our availability to standard 9-5 working hours. We understand the importance of not missing any opportunities when it comes to your property, so we make it a point to answer enquiries even after regular office hours.

You can expect us to take calls and respond to emails until 22:30pm or even later if a call has been scheduled.

When it comes to viewings, we insist on accompanying potential buyers. We are flexible on viewing times, as long as it's also convenient for our vendors.