Are you considering moving out of London to a commuter town, but not sure if it's the right choice? With train journeys of 30 minutes or less into the city, commuter towns like Marlow, Bourne End, Cookham combine the perks of country living with easy access to urban amenities. Here are 10 reasons why leaving London for a commuter town could be the best decision you make:

More Space for Less Money 

London housing is notoriously expensive and cramped. Opting for a commuter town allows you to get a larger home and more outside space for your money. Gardens, extra bedrooms, home offices and more are achievable on a commuter town budget.

Excellent Schools 

Many commuter towns boast [outstanding Ofsted reports]( for their local schools. Giving your children the opportunity to attend top-ranked schools in a smaller community setting.

Community Spirit

Life in London can be anonymous. Commuter towns offer a stronger sense of community, where you get to know your neighbours and local shop owners. There are community events, school activities and a village atmosphere.

Access to Nature

Escape the concrete jungle and get back to nature. Commuter towns let you enjoy green spaces right on your doorstep, with walking trails, parks, farmer’s fields and clean air.

Less Stress

The fast pace of London life can take its toll. Commuter towns offer a more relaxed way of living, with less traffic, crowds and noise pollution to deal with day-to-day.

Space for Hobbies & Interests

Pursue your hobbies in a commuter town, where you’ll likely have a spare room, loft or garage that can be converted into a craft space, workshop or home gym. Grow vegetables, tend to an allotment or join local clubs.

Entertainment & Dining Nearby

The bright lights and big city are still close by when living in a commuter town. Trains provide easy access into London for theatre, museums, restaurants and events.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Shorter commutes and less urban congestion equals more free time and less stress. Achieve greater work-life balance living in a commuter town.

Local Support Networks

Commuter towns enable you to tap into local networks of parents, activities and support right where you live. There are Facebook community groups, babysitting circles, hobby clubs and more.

Affordability in Retirement

Buying property in a commuter town can be a wise investment for retirement. The value tends to go up for commuter hotspots, providing equity to fund your later years. Lower costs of living also stretch pensions further outside of London.

For families, empty nesters, retirees and professionals seeking an escape from London life, a commuter town offers the best of both worlds. All the perks and comforts of country living, with easy transport links into the big city for work and play. There's no compromise on careers or amenities.

So if you're asking yourself "Should I leave London?" explore your commuter town options. With most less than 30 minutes from the capital by train, you can have it all.

Contact Thames & Country today to view properties or discuss your requirements for Marlow, Bourne End, Cookham or surrounding commuter towns near London. Take the first step towards more tranquility and a better quality of life for you and your family.