You've made the big decision to sell your house. Now comes the work of getting it ready to go on the market. Properly prepping your property for sale is crucial for attracting qualified buyers and ultimately achieving the best possible price.

Follow these 10 key tips:

1. Declutter and Clean Thoroughly

Pack up clutter like extra furniture, decor, toys, and knick-knacks so each room looks tidy and spacious. Don't forget cupboards and storage areas. Deep clean from top to bottom so the home sparkles.

2. Make Minor Repairs

Fix minor issues like cracked tiles, leaky taps, squeaky doors, and broken appliances. These small flaws can detract buyers.

3. Paint in Neutral Colours

Repaint dingy or bold walls in popular neutral shades like off-white or light grey. This helps buyers imagine their own style.

4. Update Lighting

Ensure all light fittings work and install new ones if needed, like overhead kitchen lights. Proper lighting makes rooms feel bright and welcoming.

5. Landscape Curb Appeal

Prune bushes, mow the lawn, plant flowers, and sweep the walkway regularly. Great kerb appeal can help sell the home.

6. Stage Key Rooms

Hire a home stager or follow stager tips to style popular rooms. For example, create a relaxing lounge and pleasant dining area.

7. Make Repairs and Improvements

Don't ignore issues that may come up on a home survey report. Fix them upfront like an old roof or faulty electrical system.

8. Clear Out Excess Furniture

Remove extra furniture from rooms to make them appear larger. Too much furniture makes spaces feel cramped.

9. Add Special Touches

Consider small upgrades like new cabinet knobs, stylish light fixtures, or a fresh coat of paint on the front door.

10. Work with Your  Estate Agent To Take Professional Photographs

Great listing photos go a long way. Make sure the property photographer to showcase the home's features.

By properly preparing your home before listing it for sale, you’ll stand out and attract serious buyers who are willing to pay top price. Contact our team of experts at Acme Realty to discuss your home sale preparation plan.

If your looking to sell your property or would like to discuss your options, please feel free to contact us at Thames & Country to arrange a visit we will be happy to help.